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Oil Lamp Shades

Lamp shades come in the entire spectrum of color and shapes. Shades served a number of purposes such as reducing the glare associated with open flames, directing or focusing the light, and of course, they were highly decorative. They are made from all types of glass, including many varieties of "art glass." Art glass shades are highly prized by todays collectors. The glass can be plain or decorated. Decorations can be in the form of transfers or elaborate hand-painted floral arrangements, portraits, or landscapes. Shades are often frosted or etched to soften the light. They can also have engraved or cut decorations or geometric designs. Some examples are shown below.

An early post card - Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company

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Gas & Kerosene Shades

Gas & Kerosene Shades - a number of shades appropriate for both kerosene lamps and gas fixtures.

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Jeweled Shades

Jeweled Shades - shades decorated with faceted glass jewels and cabochons.

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Student/Table Lamp Shades

Student and Table Lamp Shades - seven and ten inch shades commonly found on table, parlor, and student lamps.

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Hanging Lamp Shades

Hanging Lamp Shades - shades commonly found on hanging lamps.

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