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-------------------------- e穚hem積r穙n -
n. pl. e穚hem積r穉
1. A short-lived thing.
2. ephemera - printed matter of passing interest.
Ephemera & Go-Withs Gallery Directory

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Haida Lamp Company

Gallery of Letterhead, including Billheads and Invoices from a variety of lamp and oil and kerosene manufacturers, merchants and distributers.

The "GEM" Chimney

Gallery of Trade Cards and Post Cards and other colorful advertisements for lamps, oil and related items.

Ives Patent Lamps

Gallery of Lamp Advertising items, mostly from early magazines. Many well-known manufacturers are represented.

New Calcium Light Burner

Gallery of Postal Covers - Envelopes used to advertise a variety of lamps, burners and other lighting-related items. Many were printed on both sides!

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