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Lamp Company Historical Profiles

One of the goals of The Lampworks is to provide brief historical profiles on many of the major lamp companies - those that produced lamps or their component parts. There will even be a few obscure companies profiled as well. While there were scores and even hundreds of manufacturers, there are few substantial or comprehensive sources of background material on any of these early lighting companies.

The information presented here is garnered from articles, internet web sites, lighting club publications, books, collectors, researchers, decendents, and other resources. These profiles are not meant to be thorough, full-blown research projects, rather they are intended to give the reader some key bits of information, to whet the appetite for additional information, and to inspire further research.

There are a number of profiles in progress and many more planned for the future. The company profiles are in alphabetical order.

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The Angle Lamp Co.

The Angle Lamp Company - The Angle Lamp incorporated an innovative design in kerosene lighting that resulted from a revised thinking of the burner placement...

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Atterbury & Company

Atterbury & Company - James S. and Thomas B. Atterbury joined brother-in-law James Hale to form Hale & Atterbury in 1860 in Pittsburgh...

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Benedict & Burnham

Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Company - began in 1812 by Aaron Benedict in Waterbury, Connecticut...

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Bradley & Hubbard

Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company - the company loosely began in 1852 in Meriden, Connecticut when Nathaniel and William Bradley, Orson and Chitten Hatch, and Walter Hubbard...

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Bridgeport Brass

Bridgeport Brass Company - was organized in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1865 by Daniel W. Kissam, John Davol, and Samuel R. Wilmot.

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Bristol Brass & Clock

Bristol Brass & Clock Company - was organized on April 3, 1850, at Foster's Tavern, in Bristol, Connecticut ... Israel Holmes ...

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Charles Parker Company

Charles Parker Company - Charles Parker was born on January 9, 1809, in Cheshire, Connecticut. At the age of 18 ...

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The City Mfg. Company

The City Manufacturing Company - On September 3, 1853 they organized The City Manufacturing Company as a joint-stock company with capital of $10,000.

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The Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp Co.

The Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp Co. - The Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp Company was established in 1868 with manufactory, showroom and business offices in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Dithridge & Company

Dithridge & Company - Dithridge leased the works a year later, and received a patent in 1861...

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Edward Miller & Company

Edward Miller & Company - Edward Miller started his business in Meriden, Connecticut, in the 1840's making and selling camphene and burning fluid burners...

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Fletcher Mfg. Company

Fletcher Manufacturing Company - Thomas Fletcher started his weaving business in Boston in 1793 to produce narrow fabrics, such as tapes, "rufflings" and lamp wicks....

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Holmes, Booth & Haydens

Holmes, Booth & Haydens - began in 1853 with the partnership of Hiram W. Hayden, Israel Holmes and John C. Booth...

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Macbeth-Evans Glass Co.

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company - was formed in 1899 by a merger of two major producers of lamp chimneys, one founded in 1869 by Thomas Evans, the other was the compnay of George A. Macbeth...

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The Magic Introduction Co.

The Magic Introduction Co. - is an obscure company that has an connection to lighting...pocket lamps and lighting devices...

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Manhattan Brass Company

Manhattan Brass Company - began in 1865 in New York City. It is notable because it was the only brass manufactory prior to 1900 that...

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Matthews & Willard

Matthews & Willard Mfg. Co. - ...of Waterbury, Connecticut, was organized on April 8, 1890, succeeding the corporation of the same name which went into receivership in 1888...

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William R. Noe & Sons

William R. Noe & Sons - As a young man during the 1870's, William R. Noe worked as a salesman for Holmes, Booth & Haydens, dealers in brass and lamp goods...

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Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Company - was founded in 1901 when Nicholas Kopp reorganized the original Kopp Glass Company...

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Plume & Atwood

Plume & Atwood Manufacturing Company - began as Holmes, Booth and Atwood when Israel Holmes, John C. Booth and Lewis J. Atwood formed a partnership...

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Rochester Kerosene Burner Company

The Rochester Kerosene Burner Company - The Rochester Kerosene Burner Company was founded by Henry E. Shaffer, in, as you may have guessed, Rochester, New York...

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Rochester Lamp Co.

The Rochester Lamp Company - Charles Stanford Upton organized The Rochester Lamp Company in 1884, serving as both manager and president ...

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The Scovill Mfg. Co.

The Scovill Manufacturing Company - Brothers Abel and Levi Porter teamed up with the Grilley brothers, Henry, Silas and Samuel, in 1802 ...

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The Suffolk Glass Works

The Suffolk Glass Works was operated by Joshua Jenkins and his son Charles from about 1859 thru 1885 and made at least one patented lamp fount...

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Wallace & Sons

Wallace & Sons Manufacturing Company - In 1848, Thomas Wallace started Thomas Wallace & Sons in Ansonia. Wallace received his training in Birmingham, England...

Brass Burner While I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, the information contained herein is only as good as the sources from which it was obtained. I have encountered a great deal of conflicting information during my research. Should the reader identify any further inaccuracies, I would appreciate the feedback so that I can make corrections or additions.

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