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Lip Burners

This style of burner takes a lip chimney and is held on by clips, pins or a set screw, or other mechanical device. There are hundreds of variations on the theme.

A Plume & Atwood DUAL burner w/ two spring clips to secure the chimney.

The Richardson burner, 1866, with a clam-shell extinguisher that closes around the burner to put out the flame.

This is a relatively common Miller burner, although this one is unused!

Another rare item with a trap-door feature for wick maintenance.

Adlam's string wick with swing-out chimney holder.

Adlam's flat wick with "platform elevator" feature.

Very unusual burner with three prong spring clips.

A sliding opening for lighting the lamp without removing the chimney.

A #2 Miller skirted burner, often found on Perkins & House lamps.

The NE PLUS ULTRA, string wick, highly sought after "miniature" burner.

Just a neat, clean burner.

Shaffer's PERFECTION three-cone burner. Also made w/ two cones.

A VANKIRK burner utilizing a spring-loaded pin to secure the chimney.

CAHOON's Tom Thumb burner, quite scarce.

Another variant of the Tom Thumb burner.

Lewis Atwood's patent to Plume & Atwood, circular deck with flattened sides - takes a special Dithridge chimney.

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