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Glass Cone Burners

In an attempt to improve the light ouput of lamp burners, many tried to manufacture the burner cone, or parts thereof, out of glass. While many of the surviving examples are from the early 1900's, the practice began as early as the late 1860's.

This CLIFFORD's burner is quite rare and one of the earlier attemps at using the glass cone. Patented on December 24, 1867.

Here's an interesting burner with a cobalt blue cone marked: Getty & Compton, MPLS, Minn., PATd. Unsure if this is the proper brass for this burner.

The BING glass cone burner is quite common, having been made in 1900's.

The AURORA is another common glass cone burner.

Here's a neat after-market item called a "BUCKALOO" (the inventor was Buckelew), glass deflector trimmed in brass, to replace the original brass cone.

The RADIANT, still another 20th century variant.

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