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Historical Lighting Reprints

The Lampworks is proud to team up with Sirlampsalot Productions to showcase some quality lighting catalog reprints. These Historical Lighting Reprints are available directly from the author, David Broughton, from his web site, Each reprint is printed on high quality, coated stock. The size is 8.5 by 11 inches, perfect bound, with a full color soft cover. You will be delighted by the quality of the printing and by the invaluable amount of information contained within each volume.

Volume Number 1 B&H 1883-1884 Kerosene Lighting Fixtures Catalog
Volume 1 - Historical Lighting Reprints

The 1883-1884 Bradley and Hubbard Kerosene Fixtures Catalog is one of the finest lamp catalogs in existence. A special feature is a price guide which includes both current prices and the original prices for the lamps. Additional information about the Bradley and Hubbard company, the catalog and the original finishes used on the lamps is also included.

This catalog captures Bradley and Hubbard at their peak in terms of quality and diversity of offerings. This very large catalog is comprised of 248 pages illustrating almost 600 lamps, including 95 pages of hanging lamps - including many superb multi-arm chandeliers, 25 pages of bracket lamps and brackets, 53 pages of table/stand lamps, 28 pages of figural lamps, 10 pages of cigar lighters and 20 pages of match holders, desk bells, clocks, etc.

Most lamps are shown with burner, chimney, shade holder and shade - making the catalog a valuable resource for those wanting to properly outfit their lamps. All lamps are flat wick kerosene. Plates illustrating parts of hanging/bracket lamps will assist in authenticating Bradley and Hubbard lamps.

Volume Number 2 Five Early Victorian Kerosene Lighting Catalogs
Volume 2 - Historical Lighting Reprints
Volume 2 contains a collection of five rare kerosene lighting catalogs from the 1860's to the early 1880's. With 220 pages, 60 in full color, and illustrating about 420 lamps and parts, it is perhaps the finest kerosene lighting reprint ever! All types of early lamps are illustrated in a very high quality reprint - hanging lamps, chandeliers, bracket lamps, table lamps, some figural lamps, wonderful burners, shades, chimneys, and smoke bells.

The five catalogs include two from the Tucker Manufacturing Company (patterns later acquired by Bradley and Hubbard) showing wonderful examples of fine early cast iron work. This company was one of the premier hanging lamp manufacturers of their time, but their lamps have not been well documented until now, a J.C. Ives Company catalog illustrating the Ives patent burners and many lamps. a Union Glass Company catalog that includes many Lomax patented lamps as well as fonts used on Bradley and Hubbard lamps, and a Manhattan Brass Company Perfection Student Lamps catalog. The catalogs are augmented by additional ephemera, a price guide, information on the catalogs and companies, patent information and a cross reference showing lamps that occur in multiple catalogs (including the 1883 Bradley and Hubbard catalog.)

Volume Number 3 Four Victorian Kerosene Lighting Catalogs
Volume 3 - Historical Lighting Reprints
Volume 3 will delight kerosene lighting collectors and is a must-have reference for those interested in kerosene lamps of the 1885 to 1895 period. Four original, never before reprinted, catalogs from two important manufacturers and two large American retailers have been combined into a single reference.

This volume includes an Adams & Co. catalog c. 1885, a George Bassett & Co. (New York City retailer) 1889 catalog, an Edward Miller & Co. catalog circa 1894 and a Pitkin and Brooks (Chicago retailer) 1892 catalog. Also included are introductory chapters on the companies and catalogs, additional ephemera, patent information, and a price guide.

These catalogs illustrate about 750 lamps and parts. The Adams & Co. catalog is in color and there is a full-color cover. The volume includes hanging library lamps, round-wick banquet lamps, figural lamps, glass lamps, piano lamps, table lamps, shades and other lamp parts. There is a wealth of information that will allow you to ensure your lamps are complete and outfitted correctly in this high quality reprint.

These reprints are invaluable reference materials and are sure to delight collectors, researchers, dealers and anyone with an interest in early kerosene lighting. Again, contact the author, David Broughton, directly for details and special offers.

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