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Meet the Proprietor

Dan in the shopAs far back as I can remember, I loved antiques. From early childhood through my college years and beyond, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. They were life-long collectors who owned a wide range of antiques - furniture, glass, china, clocks and lamps. The entire house was virtually furnished with antiques. We spent many Sunday afternoons poking around the antique shops of northwestern Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly their preferences and tastes influenced me, especially their fondness of antique kerosene lighting.

Basically, I started out collecting as most dealers probably do. Soon, my collecting habits got "somewhat" out of control. I was buying lamps and parts as quickly as I could find them. Every free moment was spent in the pursuit of lighting. My reference library was growing just as quickly. As I became more knowledgeable (and considered the financial implications of my obsession) I realized that I might need to narrow the focus of my collecting habits and sell off some of the excess.

View of the ShopIn the spring of 1995, we bought a house in Hurleyville, New York. The biggest draw of the property was the two story barn, complete with a stone fireplace in the basement. This proved to be an excellent space to set up both lamp shop and workshop, but I'm always running out of space!

In the fall of 1998, with the urging and help from my brother Jeff, we launched The Lampworks web site. It has evolved over the years and underwent a total design overhaul late in 2001. My goal is to share my knowledge with others who share my passion for lighting, and to be a resource for collectors, restorers, and dealers for lamps, parts, ephemera and reference materials.

The "brick and mortar" shop features a mixture of shelving, glass display cases and peg boards loaded with lamps, lamp trimmings, accessories and assorted antiques and collectibles (even an occasional piece of furniture). Parts cabinets and drawers are brimming with old parts of every description. Every nook and cranny is packed full of lamp parts, many yet to be positively identified.

In addition to Antique Lighting, I also have an interest in Victorian art glass.

I am a member of the following groups and organizations:

So enjoy, browse the shop!

Dan Edminster


The Hamlet of Hurleyville

The Hamlet of Hurleyville, in Sullivan County, New York, was incorporated in 1826. The population today is roughly 3,300.

In its hey-day, the county was a thriving tourist area. The Hurleyville area
(see map) is surrounded by the remnants and ruins of once-thriving resorts, bungalows, and golf courses. The old Luzon Station still stands, a testament that the New York Ontario & Western Railroad once rumbled through Hurleyville.

Hurleyville is situated in the foothills of the picturesque Catskill Mountains. It is located seven miles off of Route 17 (the future Interstate 86). The area is easily accessible from The New York State Thruway, Interstate 87, to the east; and from Interstate 84 to the south-east. We are about two hours from New York City, and about ninety minutes from Binghamton, NY.

The hamlet has not had much notoriety, as it does not even appear on most road maps. Hurleyville is situated within a triangle formed by the towns of Liberty, Monticello, and Fallsburg, each about seven miles away.

If you are ever in the area, I invite you to stop by and browse the shop. We are open some weekends and evenings by appointment. Best to call ahead if you are making a special trip.

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